So then what is this nonsense. Well as someone who spends their time making tabletop games, working for a simulation company, metal crafting armor out of soda cans, reviewing spirits, and doing critical genre analysis of anime and video games – I felt like I needed a hobby.

So I’ve once again gotten back into Lego – and because I’ve spent the last 5 years or so reviewing things – I can’t do something without thinking, hmm maybe I should review this if for nothing else to color how I see it. (and based on HonestBoozeReviews, for others to look at)

So then how will I go about reviewing lego sets? Well I’ve decided to to it much like a proper Top Gear review – so it’s not just me talking about some ‘feelings’ or explosions and general tomfoolery, but a serious review of everything regarding the steps, pieces, miles per gallon, whether you could build a hang glider with it, and how exactly it can explain the universe – but more of that in the coming weeks. As a primer here’s an overview of a review.

[Stock image of product]

Series/Name: I say some things so this feels like an actual review instead of a spreadsheet.

Time to Kern: XX Minutes (How it takes to set out the pieces)

[Kern Image]

Time to Build: XX Minutes (How longs it takes to build)

[Built Image]


Pieces: XXXX and XXX Steps Maybe with a link to manual

Price: $XX How much it costs you on Amazon, Lego, and the internet.

Volume (Based on Blob length/width/height): So I decided that using the largest width and length of a single piece in the set to use that width/height as an invisible box, and see if I can make the most compact blob possible. I would then measure the overall volume of that using maths.

[Blob picture]


Uniqueness: X out of 5 Stars – Does it feel novel in concept and look.

Aesthetics: X out of 5 Stars – Is it pretty enough to keep on my shelf

Fun to Build: X out of 5 Stars – Is building it fun or tedious?

Hoarding: X out of 5 Stars – Are there are a lot of good pieces, or rare bricks?

What Else?

Here I’ll do something unique to the model in question – such as calculate how much it would take to make in reality, whether it could deflect a nuclear blast, and what the fuel/mass ratio is for it to be sent into space. Essentially I’ll go off and do a bunch of research for it to be summed up in a paragraph.

I’ll then also build an alternate version. This is something that uses the pieces included in the set as something complete different. To give me a bit of leeway I have an under/over 5 pieces rule. Meaning I can add up to five pieces not from the set (if I feel it needs them) and I can remove 5 pieces from the official set from my remixed build. However those are the limits, with the goal to do that as little as possible.

Remix: [Image of alternate build]

Final Thoughts: To wrap everything up before giving a final score of which people will hang every bit of their life on despite what I say here about things like. Mentioning that scores are an objective look into whether you’d like something subjectively, the futility of man, and finally if I actually liked a lego set.

Final Score: X out of 5 Stars


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